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About WIT

WIT is the establishment of
Welcome the diplomatic relations of
Japan-Myanmar 60th anniversary.
It is also a contest to build the
evolutionary relationship.
The purpose of this contest is
to support Myanmar youths who have the
innovative talent ,
want to challenge with new technologies,
learn web design in daily life and
try to create the brighten furture of Myanmar.
In addition to money as a prize,
we will let you to have experiences
about Design Scene
from Design Companies in Japan.
Therefore, you can also get the
opportunity of creative
exchange beyond your country.
As a place where to disseminate
your ideas and creative talent to the world,
we are looking forward
to your challenge.

Overview of WIT Award 2018

  • Awards

・ Best Grand Prix: USD 1,000 + Japan Tour + Trophy + Award Letter

・ Design Grand Prix: USD 500 + Trophy + Award Letter

・ Technology Grand Prix: USD 500 + Trophy + Award Letter

  • Application Period

・1st December, 2017 – 1st March, 2018

  • Qualification Requirements

・Under 24 years before 1st December 2017 and also interested in the Web Creation.

  • Application Method

・ Application from WIT official site.

・ Upload to own server .

・ Data submission to Office (Spiceworks Myanmar).

  • Judging

・ Originality (Individual) Ideas or interfaces that no one has been created before.

・ Attractivity (Visibility / Attractiveness) Attractiveness to express purpose.

・ Ability (High technical ability) High technical ability to achieve the purpose.

  • Winners Announcement

・ We will be announced at the award ceremony held in April.

  • Rules and Restrictions

・ Applied Web Pages must not be published before WIT. It also must not be other person's web pages ( Web pages must be your own web pages created with own idea ).

・ As soon as we have found that your applied web pages are not your own creation or break rules that we have defined for WIT, we will cancel for awarded prize.

・ You must give us permissions to use your applied web pages for catalogs, published in the brochures,etc., and on our public websites.

・ Cost of production and application of the Submissions, it is assumed that the applicant will pay.

・ Applied Web pages will not be returned.

・ We will never use your personal information for any other purpose without your permission except WIT Contest.

WIT Award 2018

Web Innovative Talent Award 2017

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