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About WIT

WIT is the establishment of
Welcome the diplomatic relations of
Japan-Myanmar 60th anniversary.
It is also a contest to build the
evolutionary relationship.
The purpose of this contest is
to support Myanmar youths who have the
innovative talent ,
want to challenge with new technologies,
learn web design in daily life and
try to create the brighten furture of Myanmar.
In addition to money as a prize,
we will let you to have experiences
about Design Scene
from Design Companies in Japan.
Therefore, you can also get the
opportunity of creative
exchange beyond your country.
As a place where to disseminate
your ideas and creative talent to the world,
we are looking forward
to your challenge.

Overview of WIT Award

  • About Award

・ Special Prix: USD 1,000$ + Japan Tour

・ Students Grand Prix: USD 500$ and
Social Person Grand Prix: USD 500$

・ Consolation prize: USD 300$

  • Application Period

・15 Sat October 2016 To 31 Sat December 2016

  • Qualification Requirements

・Under 24 years before October 2016 and also interested in the Web Creation.

・ Students (Describe the School Name)

・ Society sector

  • Application Method

. We are thinking on your own original Web page.

※ Doesn't allow web pages that describe religion, politics, violence, gambling and 18+.

・ Allowed Applications and Languages : HTML, CSS , JavaScript , Any JS Library, PHP ,
Java , ASP.Net , Wordpress , Movable Type , Bootstrap , Photoshop , Illustrator,
Dream Weaver, Joomla, Drupal.

・ Must be upload together Project Source Code and Project Documentation.

  • Examination Method

・ Originality (original) - It must be your own web design with own idea that no one has been
created before.

・ Attractivity (visibility, incentive property) It is represented clarity easier to understand what
you want to mean.

・ Idea for Web Content, Abilities (technical capabilities, coding, programming,
skill on using the latest technologies).

・ We will comprehensively judge examination from the above view points.

  • Result Announcement

・ The result announcement and Award event will be held within late January and mid - February.

・ Our authorized person will contact directly to the awarded person.

・ We have planned to broadcast WIT Award event on television channel ( MRTV-4, Channel 7, etc ).

  • Rules and Restrictions

・ Applied Web Pages must not be published before WIT. It also must not be other person's
web pages ( Web pages must be your own web pages created with own idea ).
As soon as we have found that your applied web pages are not your own creation or
break rules that we have defined for WIT, we will cancel for awarded prize.

・ You must give us permissions to use your applied web pages for catalogs, published in the
brochures,etc., and on our public websites.

・ Cost of production and application of the Submissions, it is assumed that the applicant will pay.

・ Applied Web pages will not be returned.

・ We will never use your personal information for any other purpose without your permission
except WIT Contest.

WIT Award 2016

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