Magway Division

Magway Region

Magway Region (Magwe RegionBurmese: မကွေးတိုင်းဒေသကြီး, pronounced: [məɡwé táiɴ dèθa̰ dʑí], formerly Magway Division) is an administrative division in central Myanmar. Magway Region is the second largest of Myanmar's seven divisions, with an area of 44,820 square kilometres (17,306 sq mi).


Mayway Region sits approximately between north latitude 18° 50' to 22° 47' and east longitude 93° 47' to 95° 55'. It is bordered by Sagaing Region to the north, Mandalay Region to the east, Bago Region to the south, and Rakhine State and Chin State to the west.


Fossils of the early primates over 40 million years old were excavated in the Pondaung and Ponnya areas in Magway Region, leading the government to proclaim that Myanmar as "the birthplace of humanity in the world". An ancient city of the Pyu, Peikthano-myo, about 2000 years old, is located in Taungdwingyi Township, Magway Region. The history of Magway Region mirrors that of the other divisions of central Burma.

20°15′N94°45′E / 20.250°N 94.750°E
Country Myanmar
Region Central
Capital Magway
• Chief Minister Aung Moe Nyo (NLD)
• Legislature Magway Region Hluttaw
• Total 44,820.6 km2 (17,305.3 sq mi)
Area rank 4th
Population (2014)
• Total 3,917,055
• Rank 7th
• Density 87/km2(230/sq mi)
• Ethnicities Bamar, Chin, Rakhine, Shan, Karen
• Religions Buddhism, animism
Time zone MST (UTC+06:30)


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