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Actually , I can say Myanmar Culture is Buddha's Culture . I think Culture can be defined " Bland, Mild, devloped civilization - isation and tradition " But it can be described Deeply more than . And All Articles are not Mine . That's why I'm decribing all Credits of the author and writer in Contact Page , This Project is Only to Show Some Culture In Myanmar . I hope You can see part of Myanmar . Have an enjoyable time.


There are many Festivals in Myanmar . Each Month has its Differnet Festivals and Events .

Flowers&Festivalsin Our Myanmar
Tankhu ( Tagu ) April

The Myanmar New Year falls on the second week of April. The New Year is ushered in by three days of Water Festival. According to folklore, Thagyarmin, king of the celestials, will be on a visit to the human abode for three days. If you stay in this country for some time,....

Kahsoun (kason) May

Myanmar New Year begins with sparays of cool water shower-ing on friends with goodwill and loving kindness.Come Kason, the second month of the year, and once again water is poured, this time, on the sacred tree, the Bodhi tree, the tree of enlightenment. The full moon of Kason ...

Nayoun(Nayone) June

With Nayone (June), the third month of the Myanmar calender, the moonsoon is in full swing. Gone are the lyrical dreams inspired by showers that fall like multicoloured bead strings throught the sun beams and fragrant vapours rising out of the earth ....

Wahsou ( Waso ) July

Waso, the fourth month of the Myanmar calendar, marks the beginning of the lenten season.It is a time for sobriety, self-denisl and religious contemplation . The fresh moist air of the early morning is filled with the tinkling of brass traingular gongs that summons lay folk ....

Wakhaun ( Wagaung ) August

"Waso- Wagaung, the rivers swell with rising billows -"so goes the saying. The monsoon is now in full swing and it is a busy time for paddy growers. Fields are ploughed and paddy plants are now ready to be transplanted. Living in cities one can hardly appreciate the ....

Tothalin ( Tawthalin ) September

Monsoon is thinning away and the skies are clearing.As the sun's ray steal through the drizzle,rainbow-coloured showers swing in the wind like bejewelled strings. Sunny days ahead-you say hopefull,as you rake out the mildewed rugs, blankets and coats ....

Thitintyut ( Thadingyut ) October

Thadingyut, the seventh month of the Myanmar calendar, marks the end of lent . Monsoon is on the way out and the skies are clearing.Sunny days are here to stay. The austerity, so briety and restraint of the lenten season together with the damp murky gloom of the ....

Tanh saun moun ( Tazaungmone) November

After four months of rain comes a sucession of festive months starting with Thadingyut lights festival.Come Tazaungmone,still another lights festival even more elaborate with the usual trimmings of music,dances and shows.It is rather convenient, ....

Natto (Nat-taw) December

Day and sunny days with a touch of coolness in the evenings begin with the month of Tazaungmone. By Nat-taw, cold season is in full swing. In lower Myanmar towns like Yangon the weather is just pleasnt, not too hot or cold, but in upper Myanmar towns like Yangon the weather is just pleasnt ....

Pyathou (Pyatho) January

Pyatho is completely free from rains.Just sunny days, and cool, drew-drenched nights.The festival seson, ushered in by Thadingyut (October) - the end of lenten austerities, monsoon and hard grinding work in the fields, - is on full swing.Most of the pagoda festivals are celebrated during ....

Tapoutwe (Tabodwe) February

Come Tabo-dwe(February), the eleventh month of the Myanmar calendar, the Myanmar have the harvest festival.All the products of the farm and garden are made into htamane , a concoction of glutinous rice,coconut slices, sessamum seeds....

Tapaun (Tabaung) March

The last month of the Myanmar calender falls in March.Days are getting warm and each morning the singing of the birds greets the new day.Night are cool and pleasant especially in moonlight when gossamere wisps of mist lend an ethereal touch to the atmosphere.

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