Create the Future of Asia

1st Dec 2019 ~ 1st mar 2020



WIT is the establishment of Welcome the diplomatic relations of Japan-Myanmar 60th anniversary. It is also a contest to build the evolutionary relationship. The purpose of this contest is to support Myanmar youths who have the innovative talent , want to challenge with new technologies, learn web design in daily life and try to create the brighten future of Myanmar. In addition to money as a prize, we will let you to have experiences about Design Scene from Design Companies in Japan. Therefore, you can also get the opportunity of creative exchange beyond your country. As a place where to disseminate your ideas and creative talent to the world, we are looking forward to your challenge.


Overview of WIT Award 2020


  • Best Grand Prix: USD 2,000 + Japan Tour + Trophy + Award Letter
  • Design Grand Prize: USD 500 + Trophy + Award Letter
  • Technology Grand Prize: USD 500 + Trophy + Award Letter
  • Team Award: USD 1000 + Trophy + Award Letter

Application Period